Features of our HelpDesk and Live chat widget systems

You can view here all the features of our helpdesk system, including the chat widget, statistics, analytics tool, heat map and CRM features.

Live Chat Widget

You have a livechat widget to use on your site. Customers can interact live with you or your agents.

Full statistics

Advanced statistics including the customer paths: where does the customer enter the site, webhooks, leads capture.

Form builder

Build your own chat form for when you are not online. Customers can fill in the fields and information gets captured and sent to you.

Chat bot feature

Use chatbot feature for your repetitive tasks, and direct customer to either finding an answer or talking to a live agent.

Unlimited chat history

You will have access to all your messages, tickets, files without time limit as opposed to other packages.

Ticketing system

Be able to create tickets straight from the easychatdesk control panel when chatting live with a customer.

Mobile app

Take your customer support on the move. Fully featured iOS and Android mobile app for your livechat app.

Advanced Branding

Offering a white label way to brand your livechat widget with your own colors, texts, greetings and messages.